Woman In Charge

Gorgeous blonde Rika Fane sips champagne as she watches Jimmy Bud through the picture window. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Woman In Charge” begins, Rika puts on a sexy show for her lover, pouring the chilled bubbly over her perky breasts. Jimmy laps it up eagerly, sucking Rika’s puffy nipples and kissing her passionately as he slides a hand beneath her skirt to stroke her bare pussy. Kneeling, he licks Rika’s prominent clit as he fingers her, driving her wild. Rika bends over the table and Jimmy fucks her from behind, bouncing off her perfect ass with each hard thrust as her breath makes patterns on the glass. She leads her man to the sofa and licks his rigid cock as she jerks it, then straddles him and impales herself in cowgirl. Clinging to him, she rides sensuously, her moans of pleasure growing more urgent as she rocks to an intense orgasm. Moving into a squat, she bounces up and down vigorously, until Jimmy fills her pussy with cum that gushes out as they kiss, Rika’s satisfied smile making it clear she’s taken exactly what she wanted from this encounter.